Can You Block Apple News Plus?

Can I block Apple News+?

Block News+ Magazines Open Settings.

Tap on News.

Turn the toggle on next to Restrict Stories in Today..

How do I stop getting emails from the app store?

If you want to stop receiving Apple’s App Store subscription-renewal emails, just open up the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Then, tap the banner with your name on it, right at the top. Then tap on Subscriptions. Opt out of subscription-renewal emails here.

Can you turn off news on iPhone?

To completely turn the News app on your iPhone off, you can disable it from your iPhone’s Restrictions menu. You’ll find this in the General section of the Settings app. You can also turn off notifications for the News app, or remove news results from your iPhone’s Spotlight Search feature.

Is Apple news worth the money?

Apple News Plus is already available in the United States and sits within the existing free-to-use News app. … Apple reckons all that content is worth $8,000 a month if you were to buy it from your local paper shop. It’s potentially great value if you buy a lot of magazines, or more than one a month.

How do I cancel News+?

Open Apple News+ on your iPad, iPhone or Mac.Tap the menu button on the top-left side of the app.Scroll to the bottom and choose “Manage subscriptions.”Scroll to the Apple News+ subscription and click it.Tap “Cancel free trial.”

How do I block Apple news on my iPhone?

How to Disable Apple News Alerts CompletelyLaunch the Settings app on your iOS device.Scroll down the main list and tap News.Tap Notifications. (Tip: From this screen, you can prevent stories by channels you don’t follow from appearing in the News app’s “For You” section. … Toggle off Allow Notifications.

How do I block a topic on Apple news?

In the News app on your Mac, do any of the following:Block a channel or topic in the sidebar: Select the channel or topic in the sidebar (if you don’t see it, click. … Block a channel or topic in the Today feed: Next to the channel or topic’s name, click the More icon , then choose Block Channel or Block Topic.

How do I turn off Apple news emails?

How to opt-out of Apple News emailsGo to in with the account associated with your email address.Scroll down to the ‘Messages from Apple’ section.Uncheck the box for ‘Apple News updates’.

How do I stop Apple receipts?

Open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap your Apple ID account at the top of the page. Tap Subscriptions. Toggle Receive Renewal Receipts from on to off.

How do I delete from Apple wallet?

How to organize and delete Apple Pay cards and passesOpen the Wallet app on iPhone (double-clicking the Home or Side button won’t offer the same options)Tap on the card or pass you’d like to delete.Tap the … icon in the top right corner.For passes, the Remove Pass button should be visible without swiping down.More items…•

How do I block Fox News on Apple news?

How to Block or Hide a News Source in News App on iPhone or iPadOpen the “News” app and go to either For You, Explore, or Search.Locate the news source you want to hide or block.Tap on the little sharing icon for the specific article / source, it looks like a box with an arrow flying out of the top of it.Scroll through the options and choose “Mute Channel” (or “Dislike Channel”)More items…•

How do I block Fox News from my news feed?

Look for the settings icon. It resembles a gear in the top right.Select ‘Sources’ from the dropdown list.You’ll see a list for preferred sources and another for blocking sources. Add Fox News and Fox News Insider under block by their URL. If you start typing it will suggest the source to you.

Can you remove the clock on iPhone lock screen?

Go to Safari and type ‘’ in the address bar. In the list of ‘Hide’ programs, search for the ‘Hide Clock’ App and tap on it. … This will remove the time and date from the lock screen, but if your iPhone reboots, the original iPhone clock will reappear.

How do I unfollow a magazine on Apple news plus?

Helpful answers Hope you figured it out, but just in case, you can unfollow by going to the side bar search and search the magazine name to unfollow. Once it comes up in search, you will see the heart icon to tap to unfollow.

How do I turn off Apple News Plus?

From the App StoreOpen the App Store app.Tap on your avatar in the upper right corner.Tap “Manage Subscriptions”Tap on the Apple News Plus subscription under the “Active” banner.Tap “Cancel Free Trial” (or “Cancel Subscription” if you’re already past the free trial)

Can I delete Apple news from my iPhone?

The News app is a default app and cannot be deleted. In order to reinstall a default app you need to restore iOS. Restore: Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, backup, and then select Restore to Factory. If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled – Apple.

Do you get an email when you download a free app?

Apple sends an email to the email address associated with your Apple ID when a purchase is made from the App Store or iTunes and also each time you’re charged for a subscription. It doesn’t send an email when you download a free app or when you update an app.

How do I delete Apple News App?

Remove a built-in app from your Home screenOn your iOS device, touch and hold the app lightly until it jiggles. If the app doesn’t jiggle, make sure that you’re not pressing too hard.Tap. on the app, then tap Remove.Press the Home button to finish.