How Can I Pay My Mobily Postpaid Bill?

How can I pay my U mobile bill?

Pay for yourself or your staff, anytime, anywhere!Enter a U Mobile account number and the required details.Enter your payment amount.Select a payment method.Confirm your payment details and proceed to make payment..

How can I check my Mobily postpaid balance?

You can check your balance and benefits using one of the following:Login to My Mobily account.Mobily App for IOS & Android.Send SMS contain 1 to 1411. (Postpaid Only)Dail *1411#

How can I check my mobile bill online?

How to Check a Phone Bill OnlineOpen your web browser.Go to your phone service provider’s website.Log into your account. Somewhere on the front page there will be a place to enter your username and password. … Click on the link that will say “Make a payment,” “Pay my bill,” etc. Depending on your provider the exact wording will vary.View your bill.

How can I pay my Mobily Internet bill online?

Through your bank– Pay your bills using SADAD service through your bank’s ATM machines or online banking. Online – Login to your account on My Mobily or Mobily App and pay your bill using your credit card. If you don’t have our App, download it now.

How can I get Mobily credit?

You can request the service through any of the following options:For USSD dial *405# or *430# and for SMS send 405 or 430 to 1100 and for emergency data bundle dial *403# or send 403 to 1100.The amount will be deducted form next recharge automatically in addition to the fees.More items…

Does postpaid bill contain browsing history?

Conclusion. Having established that your internet history does not show on your phone bill, it becomes imperative to note that you have a role to play. The role to play here has to do with your internet security.

How can I pay my postpaid bill?

How to Make Online Mobile Bill Payment?Enter your postpaid mobile number.Select your mobile operator.Enter the amount.Pick bill payment promo code of your choice and get Cashback & other offers.Choose the payment method of your preference.You are done with it!

What is Mobily billing?

New payment service allows mobily customers to purchase apps from Google Play store and charge the transaction directly to their monthly postpaid bill or deduct it from their prepaid balance..

How can I check my postpaid bill?

There are three ways of accessing this information:Log in to Self-care on and click on ‘My Plan & Services’ to know about your plan, as well as a recommended plan based on your usage. … Dial *121*4# or 121 from your Postpaid number.Dial Idea customer care at 12345 from your Idea Postpaid number.

How can I pay my mobile bill by credit card?

Pay Via Mobile AppLink your debit or credit card once, and start paying. No need to preload money.Make instant payments in one click.Your card details are safe with the bank and not stored on your mobile phone or partner apps.

How can I get Airtel bill by mail?

EPREBILL After sometime you’ll receive an SMS with your request ID stating that your bill has been generated and you’ll receive the bill with in 6 hours. Also you’ll received password to open the PDF(e-bill) you would receive in e-mail.