Question: What Is Difference Between Sedan And Hatchback?

Which is better hatchback or sedan?

The two-box car definitely has better resale value compared to a sedan.

This is because, in general, hatchbacks have more takers than SUVs and sedans in India.

For example, the Maruti Swift has more resale value than the Swift Dzire provided usage history is similar..

What is a sedan and hatchback?

The essential difference between hatchbacks and sedans is the trunk. Generally, a sedan’s cargo space is a separate compartment. Hatchbacks instead have no divide between the rear seats and cargo space allowing for ample storage. … Here are the key differences between a hatchback and a sedan.

What is the difference between hatchback sedan and SUV?

A hatchback is smaller than an SUV or minivan, but larger than a sedan. The main difference between a hatchback and a sedan is the extended trunk. Instead of the back sloping downwards, the back area is lifted, providing extra space for cargo.

What is the meaning of sedan car?

A sedan (/sɪˈdæn/), or saloon, is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with separate compartments for engine, passenger, and cargo. … The name comes from a 17th-century development of a litter, the sedan chair, a one-person enclosed box with windows and carried by porters.

What is the best hatchback to buy?

Top 10 best hatchbacks on sale nowSkoda Scala.Mazda 3.Toyota Corolla.Volkswagen Golf.Skoda Octavia.Ford Focus.Mercedes A-Class.Kia Ceed.More items…

What is the best type of car?

The Winners: CarsBest Compact Car: Kia Forte. Finalists: Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic.Best Hybrid or Electric Car: Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Finalists: Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Prius.Best Large Car: Chevrolet Impala. Finalists: Toyota Avalon, Chrysler 300.Best Midsize Car: Toyota Camry. … Best Subcompact Car: Honda Fit.