Question: What Is On The Opposite Side Of The World From New York City?

What country is on the exact opposite side of the earth as Beijing China?

ArgentinaThe opposite side of the world to Beijing is General Conesa, Rio Negro, Argentina..

What is the antipode of California?

Antipode of Los Angeles, United States. The opposite side of the world to Los Angeles is Saint-Philippe, Réunion, Reunion.

What is the antipode of London?

Antipode of City of London, United Kingdom The opposite side of the world to City of London is Waitangi, Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

Which state is far from New York?

New York is bounded to the west and north by Lake Erie, the Canadian province of Ontario, Lake Ontario, and the Canadian province of Quebec; to the east by the New England states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; to the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey; and to the south by Pennsylvania.

What is the Farest planet from Earth?

SaturnThe farthest planet from Earth discovered by the unaided human eye, Saturn has been known since ancient times. The planet is named for the Roman god of agriculture and wealth, who was also the father of Jupiter.

What side of the world is America on?

North AmericaNorth America occupies the northern portion of the landmass generally referred to as the New World, the Western Hemisphere, or simply the Americas.

What does antipode mean?

1 : the parts of the earth diametrically opposite —usually used in plural —often used of Australia and New Zealand as contrasted to the western hemisphere. 2 : the exact opposite or contrary.

Can you really dig a hole to China?

In theory, yes. In practice, your journey through the planet might be hampered by the planet’s molten core. Even the biggest and best digging operations in the world haven’t breached the Earth’s crust yet and to even get close, they had to start digging from the ocean floor. …

What is on the opposite side of the world from Toronto?

AugustaThe opposite side of the world to Toronto is Augusta, Western Australia, Australia.

What is the farthest place on earth from New York City?

Furthest Cities (Population 1,000,000+)CityDistance (km)Perth, Australia18,700Adelaide, Australia17,099Melbourne, Australia16,672Bandung, Indonesia16,2561 more row

What country is the opposite of Canada?

CountriesCountryNo. of antipodal countriesAntipodal countriesCanada3Antarctica, France (Kerguelen), Australia (Heard Island and McDonald Islands)Taiwan2Paraguay, ArgentinaTonga2Algeria, NigerMongolia2Chile, Argentina38 more rows

What if I dig a hole through the earth?

If you dig a tunnel between any two points on Earth, you can still take advantage of the Earth’s gravity. Instead of traveling between two antipodes, you could travel a much shorter distance, without piercing so far down. This concept is called a Gravity Train.

What is the farthest place on earth?

ChimborazoThe point farthest from Earth’s centre is the summit of Chimborazo in Ecuador, at 6,384.4 km (3,967.1 mi) from Earth’s centre; the peak’s elevation relative to sea level is 6,263.47 m (20,549 ft).

What is on the opposite side of the world from Seattle?

Port-aux-FrançaisThe opposite side of the world to Seattle is Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen, French Southern Territories.

What is directly on the opposite side of the world from me?

The antipode, or opposite point, of pretty much anywhere in the continental US is the Indian ocean. If you’re on the west coast, you’d come up closer to Africa; on the east, closer to Australia.

Where would I end up if I dug through the world?

An antipodal point it is often called an antipode (Wikipedia). The Most of Europeans and Americans believe that if you dig a hole, in a straight line through the center of the Earth, you would come out on the other side right in China.

How deep can you dig into the earth?

Deepest drillings The Kola Superdeep Borehole on the Kola peninsula of Russia reached 12,262 metres (40,230 ft) and is the deepest penetration of the Earth’s solid surface. The German Continental Deep Drilling Program at 9.1 kilometres (5.7 mi) has shown the earth crust to be mostly porous.

What would happen if you drilled through the earth all the way to the other side and then jumped into the hole?

Because of the extreme gravity of the Earth, and your extreme momentum, once you got to the other side, you would fall right through the Earth again. And you would do the same once you neared the other side. You would oscillate back and forth sinusoidally; you would be a human yo-yo.

What is on the opposite side of the world from NYC?

Indian OceanThe direct opposite location in the world from New York City is the center of the Indian Ocean.