Question: What Will Happen In 2020?

What bad events happened in 2020?

Top 10 Worst Things That Happened in 2020Coronavirus Outbreak.

This is the worst thing to happen not just in 2020, but probably the entire 21st century.

Australian Bushfires Continue.

*Facepalm* It’s NOT arson.

Death of Kobe Bryant.

Minneapolis Riots.

Death of George Floyd.

Ukrainian Boeing 737 Plane Crash in Iran.

Thailand Mall Shooting.

Nova Scotia Shooting.More items….

What is happening in world right now?

8 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know Are Happening In The World Right NowDesert growth. Ilyshev Dmitry/Shutterstock. … Decreased cancer. sudok1/iStock. … Deaths in stadium construction for Qatar 2022. … Antibiotics are becoming less effective. … Modern slavery. … Coltan mine slavery. … Blood smuggling.

What is the year 2020 called?

The 2020s (pronounced “twenty-twenties”, shortened to “the ’20s”) is the current decade in the Gregorian calendar, which began on 1 January 2020 and will end on 31 December 2029.

What is the year 2021?

The Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. An Ox years occurs every 12 years….Ox Years.Ox YearWhenType of Ox2021February 12, 2021 – January 31, 2022Gold Ox8 more rows

What will be the next big thing in 2020?

CNET’s annual Next Big Thing was among the attractions of CES 2020, and this year’s panel focused on anticipatory tech — stuff that’s designed to learn your habits and preferences, track routines and anticipate needs in real time. It encompasses your home, car and health.

Is 2020 the beginning of the end?

In a recent YouGov survey, 64% of Americans said the next decade will begin on Jan. 1, 2020, and end on Dec. 31, 2029. But nearly 20% said they weren’t sure – and slightly fewer people said the next decade won’t start until Jan.

What will happen in 2020 in the world?

World’s population will reach 8 billion In 1994, the International Food Policy Research Institute projected the world population would increase by 2.5 billion to reach 8 billion by 2020. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the continent of Africa would add 1.5 billion people, the institute predicted.

Is 2020 a special year?

2020 is like 1616, 1717, 1818, and 1919, because the first two digits match the second two digits. … Being alive in 2020 is special because that is the only year you are likely to live through wherein the first two digits will match the second two digits. The next year that follows this pattern is 2121.

Why is the year 2020 special?

2020 is like 1616, 1717, 1818, and 1919, because the first two digits match the second two digits. This happens only once in a century, which is a hundred years. Being alive in 2020 is special because that is the only year you are likely to live through wherein the first two digits will match the second two digits.

What famous people died in 2020?

All the Celebrities We’ve Said Farewell to in 2020Gregory Tyree Boyce. The actor, who played Tyler Crowley in Twilight, and his girlfriend, Natalie Adepoju, were found dead in his Las Vegas condo on May 13. … Jerry Stiller. … Little Richard. … Max von Sydow. … Caroline Flack. … Nikita Pearl Waligwa. … Danny Tidwell. … James Lipton.More items…•

What will happen by 2030?

Projections. The world will need at least 50% more food, 45% more energy and 30% more water than it did in 2012, according to United Nations High Level Panel on Global Sustainability estimates. … Of the world’s population, 60% will live in urban areas due to rapid urbanization.

What will happen in 2050?

Stabilization in the population will happen in the second half of the century. It is calculated there will be 601,000 centenarians (people at least a hundred years old – born before 1950) in the United States by 2050. … According to this study, 9.075 billion people will inhabit Earth in 2050, against 7 billion today.

What will happen in year 3000?

By the year 3000, global warming would be more than a hot topic — the West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse, and global sea levels would rise by about 13 feet (4 meters), according to a new study.

What will happen in 2022?

2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China. European Space Agency plans to launch JUICE for exploration of Jupiter’s icy moons by 2022. 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. The first Indian bullet train project between the cities of Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be completed.

What is the lucky animal sign for 2020?

the RatYear of the Rat 2020: Zodiac Luck Horoscope & Personality (Rat Years: 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960)

Why is 2020 such a bad year?

2020 has been a bad year. Also, because of the Kobe Bryant incident SOME people are making live streams on YouTube or other apps They don’t respect Kobe they just want views, People are so evil these days they just want money and views. And it’s not even the end of the first month of 2020 yet.

What bad things happened on April 2020?

Here are the world news events you need to know so far for April 2020:Coronavirus Updates.Knife Attack in France.Coronavirus Updates (2)Israel Election Moves Forward.Saudi Arabia Declares Ceasefire.Coronavirus Updates (3)Syrian Prison Riot.Indian Police Attacked.More items…•

What day does 2020 end on?

When people ask that question, the reply they expect to get is that it’s 261 days until the end of 2020 (as in how many days are left between today, April 15, and the end of the year, December 31).