Question: Which HDFC Account Is Best?

Is there any zero balance account in HDFC?

You can open a Savings Account, but you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance for it.

Despite this, the bank will still provide the usual facilities that come with a regular Savings Account.

As the name of the account implies, this is a zero-balance account.

Consequently, there is no penalty in case of zero balance..

Can I have 2 HDFC accounts?

You can’t have 2 accounts in the same bank as you will be having only 1 customer id. But you can have 1 single account and 1 joint account in the same bank.

What are 4 types of bank accounts?

The good news is, there are at least four different types of savings accounts that might fit the bill. The most popular types of accounts for your money include checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and money market accounts.

What happens if I don’t maintain minimum balance in HDFC?

The minimum balance limit in case of HDFC Bank is Rs 10,000 for urban branches and Rs 5,000 for semi-urban branches. According to new rules announced by SBI, account holders will have to maintain the monthly balance or else they will invite a penalty ranging from Rs 20 (rural branches) to Rs 100 in (metro cities).

How many types of accounts are there in HDFC Bank?

Deposit Account HDFC Bank offers 18 types of current accounts to serve the needs of different businesses. Current accounts largely deal with liquid deposits does not limit the number of transactions in a day and easily allows for the withdrawal of funds.

How can I convert my HDFC account to zero balance?

It appears that there is no provision for converting an existing SB account to zero balance account. However , new accounts can be opened with zero balance from HDFC bank from the following note: HDFC Bank – HDFC Bank offers the zero balance feature with its Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account.

What is average monthly balance in HDFC Bank?

HDFC BankBranch typeAverage monthly balanceUrbanRs. 10,000Semi-urbanRs. 5,000RuralRs. 2,500(Source: more row•Feb 11, 2019

How long does it take to close HDFC bank account?

Usually HDFC Account will close in 7 Business days. Other cases it will take 2 weeks. If you done with the above steps, you would be able to close your bank account in a hassle free manner. You’ll be communicted about closure of your account via E-mail and you registered Mobile Number after the process is done.

Is HDFC a good bank?

Highly reliable and secure banking services, but bad customer service in recent years and bad hdfc securities. First good part, an example, I did online transaction using HDFC debit card for 46000/- around 10 PM, got immediate call from HDFC bank to confirm the validity.

What is the minimum balance in HDFC account?

HDFC Bank Minimum Balance In Semi-Urban Branches In its semi-urban branches, customers are required to maintain a monthly average (AMB) of Rs 5,000 in their regular savings accounts, according to the HDFC Bank website.

What are the 3 types of savings accounts?

While there are several different types of savings accounts, the three most common are the deposit account, the money market account, and the certificate of deposit. Each one starts with the same basic premise: give your money to the bank and in return the money will earn interest.

Can we close HDFC Bank account online?

Note: You can’t close HDFC Bank account online, but account closure form can be downloaded online. To close your account in an easy way, ensure that you drain out all the funds parked in your account. … The balance in your account should be Zero. Now you can go to the nearest branch and approach the bank executive.

Is there any charges for closing HDFC bank account?

For closure of savings account, an HDFC Bank customer, depending on the nature and tenure of the account, will have to pay a fee of Rs 500 and if the average monthly balance falls below Rs 20,000 in nonurban centres, it will charge Rs 500 a month, according to its website listing various charges effective January 2012.

How do I know my HDFC account type?

If you have a salary account and specifically wanting to know what type of salary account – Look at the domestic cash and merchant outlet limits under the debit card section in your netbanking account (‘Set Domestic Usage Limits’ option under ‘Request’) and see what it matches to in this …

Which is best HDFC or Icici?

With NPLs of less than 0.2 per cent, compared with 2 per cent for ICICI Bank, its books are definitely in far better shape. HDFC Bank’s operations are also more profitable — its net interest margin at 3.2 per cent is way higher than that of ICICI Bank’s 2.4 per cent.

Can I open HDFC account online?

Apply online. Yes, it is true, you can open a Savings Account All you really need is your mobile number, to initiate the process. In fact, the procedure does not vary much. You simply upload your form and documents online, instead of going to the bank yourself.

How do I know my account type?

How do I find out what account type I have?Log in to Online Banking at ‘Account summary’ select the account in the ‘Personal accounts’ section that you are interested in.Select the option ‘View account details’ to see your account name, account type, account number, sort code and bank address.More items…

What is HDFC Imperia?

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to and regulate the operation of the three tiers of the Programmes namely Imperia / Preferred / Classic Banking Programme (the “Programme”) offered by HDFC Bank (the “Bank”) to eligible Savings/Current account holders (the “Account Holder(s)”).