Quick Answer: What Cell Phone Companies Use Tmobile Towers?

What cell phone companies use tmobile towers?

Some of the most popular MVNOs that use T-Mobile’s network are MetroPCS, Mint SIM and TracFone.

Others include The People’s Operator, Consumer Cellular and Red Pocket.

One thing to note with MVNOs is that they aren’t limited to a single major carrier’s network, and instead, they may use multiple networks..

What prepaid companies use tmobile towers?

If you want to see what the prepaid carriers on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are like, then check out our MVNO reviews….List of T-Mobile alternatives:Metro by T-Mobile.Ultra Mobile.Mint Mobile.US Mobile.Ting.Tracfone.Net10__Wireless.Simple Mobile.More items…•

What companies are under T Mobile?

T-Mobile US, Inc. VoiceStream Wireless Inc. T-Mobile USA Inc. MetroPCS Communications Inc.

Is MetroPCS an MVNO?

MetroPCS isn’t an MVNO. A mvno, technically is a wholesale agreement which allows one enity to use the facilities of the other.