Where Can I Rica My Vodacom SIM Card?

How do I keep my Vodacom SIM active?

Vodacom SIMs will expire after 85 days of no usage or airtime/data recharges.

Once a SIM has been deleted and the number has been recycled the SIM can no longer be used and needs to be discarded.

The SIMcontrol service can be used to keep SIMs alive and avoid expiry by processing a R2 airtime recharge every 85 days..

Can I Rica Vodacom sim online?

You can now RICA your SIM-card online at Vodacom and Rain – and MTN promises to improve the service soon. Vodacom and Rain consumers can RICA their sim-cards online, while MTN promises to improve RICA service in the near future.

How do I Rica My Vodacom SIM card at home?

SMS “RICA” to 31050 from your Vodacom number. Call 111 from your Vodacom number or dial 082 111 from any other phone. You can also check at any Vodacom outlet.

How long does it take to Rica a SIM card?

Your SIM should be active within 2 hours of delivery & successful RICA. You will receive an SMS and email once your SIM is active, please look out for this. You can also check on your rain dashboard to confirm that the SIM is active on your profile, after receiving the SMS.

How much is a SIM card in South Africa?

Prepaid SIM Costs 2GB of data costs 249 ZAR, with options available up to 24GB. With MTN, you’ll pay 3.50 ZAR for the SIM, and the same 149 ZAR for 1GB of data valid for a month. Bundle options all the way up to 100GB of data are available for heavy data users.

What do you need to get a SIM card in South Africa?

You will need the following to purchase a South African SIM card:valid identification (your passport or National ID card)proof of residence (formal confirmation from hotel, on a letterhead)

How can I Rica my SIM card at home?

What is RICA?1.1 USSD – Individual registration – DIAL *130*7422# (*130*RICA#) You can dial *130*7422# Toll Free to enter the customer details. … 1.2 USSD Box Registration. You can now allocate all 20 Smartcall starters in a box to one outlet by only capturing the box number and reference. … 1.3 Web site. … 1.4 SmartRICA App.

Can a SIM card work without Rica?

Of course you can get one, working, not Rica’d or even Rica’d with any person’s info you want. Prices of these SIMs vary, but be careful from where you buy them.

How can I know that my SIM card is active or not?

If you want to check your SIM expiry details you can dial *124# at any time. If you want to check the credit balance on your SIM, please click here. You can also dial *124# on your phone to see how much time is left on your sim card.

How do I know if my Vodacom SIM is Rica?

Vodacom subscribers can SMS the word RICA to 31050 (free of charge), or call 082 111. For Cell C, users can check their status by dialling *133*7422*. For more information on RICA, call 084 147. Virgin Mobile customers can dial *124# from their phone, and will receive an SMS confirming their RICA status.

Can you Rica a sim online?

rain has made RICA easy – you can now RICA your SIM on the website, using your smartphone, in 3 simple steps. Just upload a proof of address, verify your ID and do our live face recognition test.

How is SIM swap done?

How do SIM swapping scams work? … They then ask the customer service representative to activate a new SIM card in the fraudster’s possession. This ports your telephone number to the fraudster’s device containing a different SIM. Or, they may claim that they need help switching to a new phone.

How do I know if my SIM card has been Rica?

All you need is your ID (or ID card, temporary ID or passport) and proof of residence (e.g., levy statement or electricity bill). Dial *135*4# to confirm your SIM’s RICA status or use the verification tool below.

How can I know my SIM card details?

Finding the SIM number in SettingsOpen your Apps list and tap on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press About.Tap Status. On some phones like HTCs, this may be called ‘Phone Identity’.Tap IMEI Information.Your SIM number will show as either the ‘IMSI’ number, or the ‘ICCID number’.

How do I check how many SIMs are activated on my identity card?

To know that you will have to visit each company’s office along with your Aadhar card & Voter I’d Card and ask this same question to them.Except for Jio, to know how many number’s are activated in your Aadhar in Jio company.Login into MyJio app.Click on My Jio.Again click on My Jio in the middle of center top line.More items…

How do I activate a Vodafone SIM card?

Activate your new SIM by dialling 1907Dial 1907 from another phone.Choose Option 1 for Mobile Services.Choose Option 3 for SIM Activation.Then Option 1 for SIM Activation.Enter your SIM Number (and self-service PIN if required)